P.O. Box 8417 Portland, Maine 04104

Welcome Brandon Reilly!

Welcome to the newest #rougerealtor on our team Brandon Reilly.

Brandon was born in Wisconsin and joined the Navy at the age of 18. After several years of service and two deployments abroad, Brandon decided to switch gears by preparing for his next chapter in life. Brandon will soon be leaving the Navy, after 8 years of service. In anticipation of such a life change and focusing on his future, Brandon received his Virginia real estate license in 2016. The independence and ability to work with individuals at a personal level are what first drew Brandon to become a REALTOR.

In 2018 Brandon decided to make a final move to Portland, Maine; a city where he was excited to finally set down roots and call “home”. Upon first arriving to the city, Brandon instantly jumped into community volunteer work. Brandon now holds his Maine real estate license and is excited for this next chapter in life. With extensive knowledge and professional experiences, Brandon excels in his ability to work alongside diverse clients and situations. Brandon makes a perfect addition to the team at Excellence Realty.–